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Mainstream Media

I've always had a passion for performing and being in the spotlight – whether it's on stage or in front of cameras. Currently, I'm on the lookout for new and exciting media projects. Check out some of my recent work below.

Additionally, I am camera and media trained, exuding confidence and a hint of hilarity in every project. For media enquiries, contact

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Olivia Attwood: Getting Filthy Rich (S2, E2)

When I appeared on Olivia Attwood's show, "Getting Filthy Rich," it definitely turned some heads. I candidly did watersports – leaving a lasting impression on viewers across the nation.


Dominatrix On Secrets Of Her Profession- LadBible TV

You might've caught my feature on Lad Bible, "15 Minutes with a Dominatrix." It was an opportunity to debunk myths and shed light on the realities of being a dominatrix – all in a down-to-earth chat.


Horror Movies

Beyond the mainstream spotlight, I've also collaborated on a few indie film projects. Exploring diverse roles and narratives in the world of independent cinema has been really interesting.

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